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Многопрофилно списание, излизащо само на английски език от 1973 г. и до момента. Съдържа авторски статии от водещи български медицински специалисти, отразяващи върховите постижения на българската медицина наука и практика. Публикуват се материали, отразяващи резултати от експериментални проучвания, клиника и казуистика. ***** Излиза 2 пъти годишно. ***** ISSN:0324-1750 ***** Уебсайт: ***** About 30 years ago - in 1973, on the initiative of the Publishing House „Medicine and Physical Culture", namely its former director Mr. Traian Ivanov, the Ministry of Health set up and accepted to subsidize a new medical magazine that was to be published only in the English language and had to reflect the status and the achievements of the Bulgarian medical science. Thus the language barrier was overcome and stable relations were established with the international medical society, large libraries, and university centers. The famous internationally known scientist professor Assen A. Hadjiolov was elected edition-in-chief by the first editorial staff and the magazine was named Acta Medica Bulgarica. For over 20 years, the staff of „Medicine and Physical Culture" did all the work related to the publishing of AMB regardless of the fact that the magazine kept on its appearance as organ of the Medical Academy, respectively of the Sofia Medical University. Editors-in-chief throughout the years were prof. Atanas Maleev, prof. Nikolay Belovezhdov, prof. Dimitar Djerov and prof. Vladimir Ovcharov. Gradually a greater number of scientists from all over the world as well as universities and scientific institutes demonstrated stronger interest in publishing their papers in AMB. The magazine is in demand by over 300 world medical libraries working on the exchange principle. For the last couple of years, AMB has been organ of the Sofia Medical University has been published by the Central Medical University Library - department of Medical Information. More than 30 years prof. Wenzeslav Bossnev has been responsible for the scientific edition of the magazine, while prof. Stoian Danev was later committed to the English version. The editorial staff respectfully marks out the joint efforts of all the colleagues that have of to the publishing of the magazine during the years of complex changes in social life and wishes the next generation of scientists to further develop and improve its scientific level and consolidate its position among international medical literature. ***** ISSN:0324-1750 ***** Website:

Централна медицинска библиотека, МУ София / Central Medical Library, MU Sofia

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-09Role of leptin in oxidative stress and survival of human granulosa luteinized cells in vitroDineva, J.; Vangelov, I.; Rangelov, I.; Stamenov, G.; Fartsova, T.
2013-09A rare case of a patient with a metatypical basal cell carcinoma of the forehead treated successfully with elliptical excisionTchernev, G.; Ananiev, J.; Cardoso, J. C.
2013-09Anterograde facial-submental artery island fl ap for palate repair after carcinoma ablation – a case reportYordanov, Y.; Shef, A.; Lasso, J. M.
2013-09Sternal wound reconstruction with porcine acellular dermal matrix (strattice) for poststernotomy mediastinitisY. Yordanov; A. Shef; V. Vaseva; J. M. Lasso
2013-09Oncogenic balanitisTchernev, G.; Ananiev, J.; Cardoso, J. C.; Philipov, S.; Wollina, U.
2013-09Arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, epileptic seizures and cortical dysplasia: a case reportViteva, E.
2013-09In vitro comparison of four dentine excavation methods in permanent teethPeycheva, K.; Krastev, D.
2013-09Main legislative changes in healthcare system in Bulgaria during 1997-2012Marcheva, M.; Tosheva-Konteva, L.; Petrova, G.
2013-09Impact of body mass index on insulin sensitivity/resistance in pregnant women with and without gestational diabetes mellitusGenova, M.; Todorova-Ananieva, K.; Tzatchev, K.
2013-06Fibrosing alopecia in a pattern distribution in two brothers with pili multigeminiKamoona, B.; Serafimova, D.; Broshtilova, V.; Kazandzhieva, Zh.; Marina, S.
2013-06Superficial spreading malignant melanoma: complete remission after surgical excisionSemkova, K.; Chernev, G.
2013-06Penetration of IR laser radiation in human teeth: angular distribution of light and coefficients of absorption and scatteringUzunova, P.; Deneva, M.; Uzunov, Ts.; Rabadzhiyska, St.; Kisov, Hr.; Kaymakanova, N.; Dinkov, E.; Nenchev, M.
2013-06Detection of dental hypoplasia – ability of fluorescence methodsBoteva, E.; Peycheva, K.
2013-06Methods for diagnosing dental fluorosis: quantitative laser fluorescence and light-induced fluorescencePeycheva, K.; Boteva, E.
2013-06Lesions of the neurovascular bundle during surgical treatment of dupuytren’s contracture.Petrov, V.; Matev, B.; Tsekov, Pl.; Georgiev, Hr.
2013-06Three cases of acute myeloid leukemia and deletion of the long arm of chromosome 9.Mitev, L.; Velizarova, M.; Uzunova, V.; Stanchev, R.; Gigоv, I.; Rainov, J.; Vladimirova, R.; Tsachev, K.
2013-06Genetic aberrations in adult CD10 positive/cytoplasmic IgM negative B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemiaVelizarova, M.; Popova, D.; Hadzhiev, E.; Dimova, I.
2012-06HPV-associated Buschke-Löwenstein tumours in a patient with disseminated anogenital form of condylomata acuminata – a dermatosurgical problemTchernev, G.; Ananiev, J.; Gulubova, M.; Bakardzhiev, I.; Pehlivanov, G.; Gonevski, M.; Zisova, L.; Cardoso, J. C.
2012-06An in vitro study of root caries of front teeth .Boteva, E.; Marinova, M.; Karayasheva, D.
2012-06Importance of some clinical factors (epilepsy duration, clusters of seizures and/or epileptic status, type of epilepsy, type of seizures, mono-/polytherapy) for the quality of life of patients with refractory epilepsyViteva, E.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 81