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Journal "Detski i infectsiosni bolesti" (Pediatric and Infectious Diseases)





Pediatric and Infectious Diseases / Detski i infectsiosni bolesti
Year – X/2018
ISSN: 1313-762Х

Genre and thematic scope: The periodical is subdivided into three rubrics: (1) Pediatric Diseases; (2) Childhood Infectious Diseases; and (3) Infectious Diseases – original papers, literature reviews and summaries of foreign scientific medical publications are included covering the topics as follows: pediatric diseases including neonatology – allergology, endocrinology and metabolic diseases, cardiology, nephrology, neurology and psychiatry, oncology, pneumology and phthisiology, rheumatology, hematology and surgery, and the spheres of infectious diseases (including epidemiology), virusology, microbiology, medical parasitology, HIV/AIDS.

Editorial board: Docent А. Anadolyiska, M.D., Med.Sc.D., scientific editor – PEDIATRIC DISEASES, Pediatric Clinic of Nephrology and Dialysis, Medical University – Sofia, 11 Iv. Е. Geshov Blvd., telephone: 952-38-40/270
Prof. R. Argirova, M.D., Med.Sc.D., scientific editor – INFECTIOUS DISEASES, Head of Laboratory of Retroviruses, National Center of Infectious and Parasite Diseases, Sofia; Scientific secretaries: Docent R. Komitova, M.D., and R. Georgieva, M.D. Members: Prof. М. Ticholova, M.D., Docent R. Markova, M.D., Docent B. Markova, M.D., Docent L. Andonova, D. Iliev, M.D., P. Rachev, M.D., М. Gaydarova, M.D.

Executive secretary: Svetla Tsvetanova, telephone: +359-2-952-16-45, e-mail: svetlacim@abv.bg



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