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The Library is open to all MU-Sofia students and staff, as well as external users

COVID-19: Health and Safety Measures

● The Library's open hours are: Monday-Friday, 08.15-16.00.

● All staff, visitors and readers must observe a physical distance of 1.5 m and must wear a mask while in the building.

● Hand sanitising is compulsory for all entering the building.

● Readers can be seated only in the designated areas: Reading hall 1, Reading hall 2 and the Computer hall.

● The maximum number of readers who can be seated in the designated areas is up to 50% of the standard hall capacity.

● All used library documents must be placed by readers at the designated place for storage and kept there for 3 days under quarantine. After this period, librarians will place the documents back on shelves so they can be accessed by other readers.

All rules and measures are available here. Please do not visit the Library if you have any flu-like symptoms (e.g. high temperature, cough, sneezing etc.)!

Getting a library card registration the customer must provide:

● ID card and a student file (“studentska knizhka”).

● Doctoral degree candidates – an ID card.

● ID card for teachers and staff from MU-Sofia and external medical specialists.

● The library card is valid for one year.

● After graduation the student is issued a notice for owing no overdue books and debts to the CML.

● A duplicate is issued when the original library card has been lost. Service is fined 9 BGN.

Download and print a Library Card Application Form

Home loans 

● Textbook loan for students – one academic year.

● Renewals of library items up to two times; please bring the textbooks with you!

● Lost items are due to be replaced by the newest issue of the missing book.

● Teachers and staff of MU-Sofia borrow only from multi-copy funds.

● A student with overdue loans cannot borrow new items.

International library loans

Loan items from libraries abroad shall be fined. For information, please phone at:

02/952 31 71; 02/92 30 498

Internet access:

CML customers use free internet access and Wi-Fi connection

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