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Reader Servicing 

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User registration  
The students, doctoral students, postgraduate students, lecturers and employees of of MU-Sofia, as well as external medical specialists have the right to use the library.

Registration and issuance of a reader card :
● Students - a certified student's booklet; ID card; 
● Doctoral students - ID card; 
● Faculty and staff of MU-Sofia - ID; 
● External health professionals - ID card. 
● Upon registration, each user receives a one-year card for free and instructions for using the library. 
● External specialists receive a temporary reader card. 
● Upon graduation, students are issued an official note of no obligations to the CSB. 
● When a reader card is lost, a duplicate is issued. The service is paid. 

Home loan  
● Students can take textbooks and guides for 1 school year. 
● Used library documents can be copied up to 2 times. 
● When a textbook or book is lost, it is replaced by the latest edition of the lost title. 
● Teachers and staff at MU-Sofia can borrow literature only from the multi-copy holdings of the library.  

International interlibrary loan  
Delivers library documents from libraries abroad. The service is paid. 
For information:  
tel. 02/952 31 71; 02/92 30 498  

Internet access:  
All registered CMB users can use Internet and Wi-Fi.

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Email: cml.mu.sofia@gmail.com
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Fax: +359 2 851 82 65 

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