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Print ISSN: 0324-1750
Online ISSN: 2719-5384 
Language: English
Publisher: Sciendo; CML, Medical University – Sofia
Periodicity: 4 issues/year
Executive secretary: Mira Boyanova, MD

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CABI: Global Health Database
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About Acta Medica Bulgarica

The Journal Acta Medica Bulgarica is the official scientific medical journal of the Medical University – Sofia. It has been published since 1973 year by the Central Medical Library, which is part of the university. The Medical University of Sofia is the oldest medical university in Bulgaria and achieved a good international ranking. 

The journal Acta Medica Bulgarica accepts original research articles, clinical practice and scientific reviews and case reports in all areas of medicine. Some but not all ...

Editorial Board


Prof. Latchezar Traykov, MD, PhD, DSc

Academy Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,

Rector of Medical University – Sofia, Bulgaria

Instruction to Authors

The following types of articles are accepted for publication: original article, review, clinical case, short scientific reports (letters to the editor, clinical image, etc.). All materials undergo a rigorous review process. The corresponding authors provide their contact details (e-mail address; postal address and telephone number are optional) and declare that the material has not been published yet, except as an abstract presented at a scientific conference, and is not submitted for publication elsewhere. The authors are responsible for the content of the papers. The materials and studies should comply with established ethical standards for conducting clinical and/or experimental studies with humans (WMA Declaration of Helsinki) and experimental animals. Patients` names, initials, or photographic, should not be recognized. Copyright is strictly observed - texts with more than 10% plagiarism will be returned for revision. 

Address :  

Central Medical Library -
MU Sofia
1 Sv. G. Sofiyski Str 
Sofia 1431; Bulgaria

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