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Тhe Library reopens for visitors from Wednesday 27 October! Access to our premises is limited to users and staff who have a valid document for either a vaccination against COVID-19, or that they have suffered from it, or corresponding results from a valid test. 


Due to the latest anti-epidemic measures as outlined in Regulations № РК36 - 2814/20.10.2021 issued by the Rector of the Medical University, all face-to-face services in the Central Medical Library are discontinued as of Thursday 21 October 2021 until arrangements are made to accommodate the Regulations of article 31 of Decree № РД-01- 856/ 19.10.2021 by the Minister of Health.


Don’t miss out! We are providing temporary access to some of the richest collections of journals and e-books in Medicine worldwide:
ProQuest Health Research Premium Collection – indexing over 6,000 scholarly journals, dissertations and other evidence-based resources, most of which are available in full text. Includes significant journals such as BMJ, Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine etc. from renowned publishers like BMJ, Nature, Springer, Sage, Elsevier, LWW/ Walters Kluwer, Oxford, Cambridge etc.
ProQuest eBook Central – over 17,000 e-books which can be read online or downloaded (an individual registration is necessary for the latter). Initial personal account registration on the platform via the University network allows you to access eBook Central afterwards wherever you are

Take advantage of this great opportunity by 12 November!

Access is available:
• from any computer on campus, via the University Internet network (just click on the links above)
• via remote access – find out how here.

We look forward to your feedback regarding how useful ProQuest databases are to you. Please get in touch by emailing


Our library is now equipped with a modern machine for UV disinfection of print documents – "Book Sterilizer SK-8000", which provides effective protection against parasites, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. Ultraviolet sterilization is highly effective and harmless to the human body, the environment and to paper documents.

The machine’s UV lamps are positioned so that they can disinfect up to 6 books simultaneously in just 30 seconds. Dust is removed from documents by high air pressure and strong air flow.

Because of COVID-19 measures, so far we had to place all library documents under a three-day quarantine before they could be arranged back on shelves and re-provided for use. Thanks to this new piece of equipment, printed documents can be made available to another reader immediately, and both patrons and staff can feel safer.  


The official platform partner and licensing distributor for these digital collections – Impelsys, provides the opportunity for MU-Sofia staff and students to take advantage of the resources provided by some of the world’s foremost experts in the respected area of professional medical education.
You can access the platforms by 30 June 2021 in the library computer hall or remotely.  


● Books: A collection of over 100 constantly updated books on medicine
● Drugs: information on a number of drugs, their use, contraindications, etc.
● Multimedia: videos showing various procedures; animations and images; interactive and 3D visualisations of the human body
● Cases: resources for specific clinical cases
● Study Tools: flashcards and self-preparation tests
You can use AccessMedicine by 15 July in the library computer room or via remote access


The Lancet, a leading independent medical journal issued since 1823 has developed into a series of different stand-alone periodicals such as Health for children and adolescents, Diabetes and endocrinology, Gastroenterology and hepatology, Hematology, HIV, Psychiatry, Respiratory medicine, Rheumatology.

Find out how to gain access through the Central Medical Library.  


● All staff, visitors and readers must observe a physical distance of 1.5 m and must wear a mask while in the building.

● Hand sanitising is compulsory for all entering the building.

● Readers can be seated only in the designated areas: Reading hall 1, Reading hall 2 and the Computer hall.

● The maximum number of readers who can be seated in the designated areas is up to 50% of the standard hall capacity.

● All used library documents must be left by readers at the designated place for storage and kept there for 3 days under quarantine. After this period, librarians will place the documents back on shelves so they can be accessed by other readers.

● Open hours are: Monday-Friday, 08.15-16.00.

All rules and measures are available here. Please do not visit the Library if you have any flu-like symptoms (e.g. high temperature, cough, sneezing etc.)!

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