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  • Under construction!!!
  • Submission of papers for our periodicals;
    Due to the growing interest in the submission of papers for our periodicals, please, note the following: All other conditions being equal, the authors who are members of the editorial boards of the Central Medical Library periodicals, the employees in the structures of Sofia Medical University, and the subscribers of the Central Medical Library periodicals will have an advantage for publication. Overall preference will be given to original studies and clinical case reports. 

  • A possibility to use online some of the textbooks!  
    Those wishing to use this service must send a letter from an INSTITUTIONAL E-MAIL ADDRESS (Sofia Medical University) to e-mail: i_alexandrov@cml.mu-sofia.bg, including their three names, a place of work or academic course (for students), and a chosen username and password. On-line access to textbooks is provided after login on the server of the Central Medical Library. Application can be submitted also in the Library building to Ivan Alexandrov presenting a validated reader’s card.  

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