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More about the Library

The library was founded in 1918 in Sofia after the opening of the Faculty of Medicine at the Sofia University “Sv. Kliment Ohridski". The first full-time and only librarian was Maria Abramovich. Beginning as a modest library collection of private donations over the course of the years till 1944 the library fund broadened up to over 60,000 volumes. With the separation of the Faculty of Medicine from the Sofia University and with the establishment of the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences - Sofia, the Library has also grown into an independent university study center. At 1957 by the Ministerial Decree No. 167 the library was given a statute of Central Library of Medicine. Branch libraries were being set up at both faculties - Dental and Pharmaceutical, as well as in clinics and departments. Funds were growing rapidly and a three-fold relocation of the Library: in 1950, 1952 and 1975 was necessitated.

At 1968 the Central Medical Library (CML) was designated as a depository library for medicine. Since 1970, by Ministerial Decree No. 2, the library has been recognized as the Central Branch Library of Medicine, and in 1973 it was designated as the center of the National System for Scientific Medical Information. The building on 1, Sv. Georgi Sofijski street was granted to CML by Act No. 7962 for state ownership of real estate in April 17, 1978.

Today, as an integral part of the academic structure of the Medical University - Sofia, CML provides educational facilities and access to the library funds and information resources. Nowadays collection consists of more than 330,000 volumes of books, textbooks, atlases, monographs, theses, periodicals and reference books in Bulgarian and foreign languages. Interior space is organized in two reading rooms and a computer hall with a total of 110 seats. Readers have the opportunity to use all forms of library service. Internet access is provided, incl. wireless as well as remote access to library electronic resources.

CML maintains an automated library information system, an electronic catalog and a digital institutional archive - a repository. A bibliographic database - Bulgarian Medical Literature has been created and updated. It includes articles from Bulgarian scientific medical journals.

"Educational Assistances and Photo-Documentation Services" is a department of the Library designed to support the process of education and learning in various aspects: production of multimedia presentations, posters and advertising; archives of educational work and medical studies, as well as events related to the activities and history of the University of Medicine.

In the "Department of Scientific Medical Information" (DSMI), periodicals of MU-Sofia are prepared and issued including multidisciplinary and highly specialized scientific medical journals, known to several generations of Bulgarian physicians. Abstracts are presented on the website. Some of the periodicals are indexed in databases such as: CABI - Global Health database, EMBASE, Scopus, and EBSCO. Pre-print preparation of journals, as well as of numerous monographs, textbooks, dissertations, etc. could also be successfully carried out.

The whole team of qualified librarians, bibliographers and information specialists, as well as its directors Vera Kyulumova, Nadezhda Kudreva, Victoria Pencheva, Peter Dabchev and Lydia Tacheva have contributed to the development and optimization of library activities.

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