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Frequently asked question

How do I use the library and information services?

Library services are available for students, doctoral students, medical residents, teaching and administrative staff of the Medical University of Sofia as well as external users.
Necessary documents for registration and re-registration:
● For students: certified student ID by the Medical University of Sofia and a national ID card;
● For teaching and administration staff, doctoral students and residents of the Medical University of Sofia: a document certifying the workplace and a national ID card.
● For retired staff of the Medical University of Sofia and external users: national ID card.

How do I borrow books and for how long?

● Teaching staff, doctoral students, residents and current employees of MU – Sofia can borrow books for a period of up to 30 calendar days.
● Students from all faculties of MU – Sofia can borrow books for 1 (one) calendar year.
● Single-copy books, as well as all journals, newspapers, reference books, atlases, dissertations cannot be borrowed for home use.  

Is it possible to renew a loan and for what period?

Renewal is allowed up to 2 times, provided that there are no requests for the item by another user. 

Can I renew my loan electronically through the library's website?

No. Users must renew loans in person so that the books can be seen and checked by a librarian.

Do I pay a fee to register?

Yes, there is. Please refer to the price list.

What do I do if I lose or damage my library card?

In case of loss or damage, a duplicate card is issued against payment, according to the price list.

documentsMay I use printing / photocopying / scanning services at the library?

Yes, these services are available for library items only. Please refer to the price list.

What do I do if I lose a library book?

In case of loss or damage of a library item, within a month the user must either replace it with the latest edition or with another similar item at the discretion of a librarian. If this is not possible, the user must pay a compensation fee equal to no less than the double market price of the lost item. In case neither of these is met, the user will no longer be able to use any of the library and information services. 

 Is there Wi Fi in the library?

Yes, there is free wireless Internet in our building.

Which Bulgarian journals in the field of medical sciences are referenced in international databases?

Please, check NACID.


We are happy to receive any relevant donations which will help us grow and develop our collections, resources and facilities so that we are able to better serve the medical community.
If you would like to make a donation, please get in touch with us by email: or by phone: +359 (0)2/952 31 71.
When accepting literature donations, we may give away extra copies to our users for free, if the donor agrees. 

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