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  • Frequently Asked Questions 

    ● How to Become a Library Reader?
             The services of the library are accessible to all students, doctoral students, postgraduate students,    professors and staff of MU-Sofia and external medical specialists.
    The registration is done after submission of the following documents:
    - Student ID and student ID card
    - Identity card for teachers and staff from MU-Sofia and external medical specialists.  

    ● Is there a subscription fee for my registration as a reader?
           The use of the library's services and resources is free of charge.

    ● What is the procedure for a lost reader card?
          A duplicate of a reader card is issued upon payment of a fee of 3 BGN.

    ● Can I print/copy to the library?

    ● How Many Books Can Be Borrowed For Home For What Period?
    - Students from MU-Sofia take multi-copy academic literature for one / one / academic year for    home use.
    - Teachers and staff of MU-Sofia only from multi-copy funds.
    - Postgraduates, PhD students and external specialists use library documents only in reading rooms. 

    ● Is it possible to overwrite the occupied literature and for what period?
         Occupied library documents can be overwritten up to 2 times, provided that at the time of copying    there is no request for their use by another user.

    ● Can I overwrite the occupied literature electronically through the library's website?  
          No. Each reader rewrites the occupied literature on site at the library.

    ● What is the procedure for a lost book or textbook?
         It is replaced by the latest edition of the lost title.

    ● Is there Wi Fi in the library?

    ● Which Bulgarian journals in the field of medical sciences are referenced in international databases?
         Check out the NACID website

GDPR  (in Bulgarian)

Central medical library; MU-Sofia
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Email: library@cml.mu-sofia.bg
Email: cml.mu.sofia@gmail.com
Telephon:  +359 2 952 31 71 
                    +359 2 92 30 498
Fax: +359 2 851 82 65 

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