Frequently asked question

How to Become a Library Customer?

Library services are available for students, doctoral degree candidates, postgraduates, professors and staff of MU-Sofia and external medical specialists. To get a library card, a customer must prove his/her:
● Student ID and student ID card
● Identity card for teachers and staff from MU-Sofia and external medical specialists.

Borrowing And Loan Periods?

● Students from MU-Sofia can borrow home loans from multiple copy textbook collections for one academic year.
● Teachers and staff of MU-Sofia borrow only from multi-copy funds.
● Postgraduates, PhD students and external specialists use library documents only in reading rooms. 

Is it possible to renew a loan and for what period?

Renewal is allowed up to 2 times, provided that there are no requests for the item by another user. 

Can I renew my loan electronically through the library's website?

No. It’s an act of personal benefit and presence. 

Is there a fee for my registration as a reader?

Yes, there is.

What needs to be done for losing reader’s card?

The library card is personal and as its holder you commit to following the rules. Notify if you lose your card. A small fee of 9 BGN will be charged for the issuing of a new library card. 

May I print and copy for own use items from a different library documents?

Yes, you may. The services are paid.

What do I do if I lose a library book?

You have to provide a replacement copy yourself - an identical item in new condition. The replacement copy could be as well the last edition of the title. 

 Is there Wi Fi in the library?

Yes, there is.

Which Bulgarian journals in the field of medical sciences are referenced in international databases?

Please, check NACID.

● Which are the Bulgarian journals with impact factor?

Please, click here. 

Library Donation Procedure 

Central Medical Library at the Medical University of Sofia encourages donations and relies on patrons that want to donate to the library for enlarging the library funds. CML welcomes donations in accordance to its functions, aims and tasks, as well as those who complete library collections in terms of type of the issued items, thematic scope, and all that answer the university needs.
Donations should be brought to us at place. To avoid unnecessary effort, it is better to consult our librarians in advance. We require an inventory list of the items for donations at the e-mail: or, please, contact us by phone: 02/952 31 71.
With no objections by the donor the issues that are not indexed into the library fund would be distributed for free use. 

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