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The journal was founded with the aim of acquainting the medical community with the problems and the specific issues of physician's work within the general medical practice. The idea for its foundation emerged in the course of the health reform in our country which shifted the accent for solving patient problems from the inpatient to the outpatient institutions. The new structural changes set the requirement of establishing the major figure in the field of outpatient care – that of the general practitioner (GP).

The aim of the General Medicine journal is not only to provide access to information on general medical practice for all physicians and health professionals but also to offer a regular and respected issue presenting valuable research. The journal publishes theoretical materials referring to the health reform in Bulgaria and to problems of interest to the GPs; original articles in various fields of medicine intended to enrich GPs' knowledge on a particular problem and assist them to overcome professional flaws; review materials and information on international research events; new courses in the field of general medicine. The scientific nature of the journal is indisputable.

The authors are required to observe the standards of Bulgarian periodicals on medical research. Any accepted material is reviewed. A proof for the merits of the journal is the wish of colleagues from all medical universities in our country to publish in it. The journal has been included with an identification code (ISSN) into an international system for registration of periodicals. Every issue is processed in the Bulgarian Medical Literature database as well as in EMBASE/Excerpta Medica due to the available English summaries and keywords.

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